Tools & Experiments

F-Interop is developing a set of online testing tools for the Internet of Things, including:tools

  • Interoperability Tests
  • Conformance Tests
  • Scalability Tests
  • Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) Tests
  • Energy Efficiency Tests

This page will give you access to the testbed as a service and to
the various online testing tools as soon as the tools will be validated.

CoAP Interoperability Test (PoC)

The video shows a demo on CoAP interoperability test and provides a demonstration of a complete testing lifecycle and the involved tools. The execution of this test includes a CoAP client, and a CoAP server1. The following tools are demonstrated: an automated sniffer, a test coordinator, a GUI and a tool for analyzing the sniffed traffic. Currently all tools run locally on the same machine, and so are the CoAP client and the CoAP server.

Additional information on the tools can be found here:
The test specification used for this demo can be found here:

Copper implementation for the CoAP client (, and Californium as CoAP server implementation ( are being used as "implementations under test".


Tools available for 2nd Call Applicants

F Interop Tools available to test during 2nd Call

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Visit the website