About F-Interop

F-Interop Value Proposition

The video introduces the project and highlights the value of using the F-Interop platform to developers and the IoT community at large.
Partner: Digital Catapult









F-Interop Video Introduction

The video offers an insight into the work and goals of the project as well as introducing the different partners involved.
Partner: EANTC









2nd Call Webinar Slides

The video goes into more details about the 2nd Open Call, what we are looking for in proposals, and what tools can be tested.
Partner: Digital Catapult










F-Interop Testing Tool Demonstrators

CoAP Interoperability Testing Demonstration (user-to-user)

This video shows how to execute an interoperability test session between a CoAP client and a CoAP server, each implementation driven by a different user.
Partner: Inria (Federico Sismondi)









CoAP Interoperability Test Demonstration, version 2 (single-user)

This video shows how to execute an interoperability test session between a CoAP client and a CoAP server.
Partner: Inria (Federico Sismondi)









oneM2M Interoperability Testing Tool (user-to-user)

This video shows a demo of oneM2M interoperability test execution when users are connected to the F-Interop platform. One user runs a CSE (oneM2M server) and the other one runs an AE (oneM2M application).
Partner: ETSI (Ghada Gharbi)









6TiSCH Interoperability Testing Tool

This demo shows how to perform the 6TiSCH_6P_01 test on the F-Interop platform.
Partner: Inria (Chang Tengfei, Federico Sismondi)










6TiSCH_SYN_01 test on F-Interop Platform

This demo shows how to perform the 6TiSCH_SYN_01 test on the F-Interop platform. This platform will be used during the F-Interop Interoperability event at Paris 26-27 June 2018.
Partner: Inria (Tengfei Chang)










6TiSCH MINIMAL 01 test on F Interop Platform

This is a demo for how to use F-Interop Platform to performance an interoperability test. TD_6TiSCH_MINIMAL_01 test is taken as an example in the demo. A result saving feature is introduced at the end of the demo.
Partner: Inria (Tengfei Chang)










Privacy Testing Tool

This video shows a privacy test session using the F-Interop platform.
Partner: UL (Ion Turcanu)









Performance Testing Tool

This video guides you through a performance test session and shows you how to configure, start and validate the test results.
Partner: EANTC (Chika Ngwu)









F-Interop - Globalmap Demo

A Visualization tool to show on-going F-Interop online testings in real-time on a global map.
Partner: DG (Eunah Kim)









F-Interop - Online Event Tool Demo

A group communication tool for F-Interop online testing participants with chatbox and session dashboard.
Partner: DG (Eunah Kim)










F-Interop Testing Tool Demonstrators (Contributions)


Conformance Testing, User-to-User Testing, System-to-System Testing









F-LoRA - LoRaWAN Conformance Testing for F-Interop

FLoRa LoRaWAN Conformance Testing Demo










Sensinov has developed a remote interoperability testing tool for lightweight device management combined with some basic IoT semantic interoperability, namely  OMA LWM2M combined with IPSO objects data models, and integrated the developed components into the F-Interop platform.
More specifically, Sensinov has developed and integrated:
- Interoperability Testing Tool for testing **OMA LWM2M** interoperability between two users' IUT.
- Interoperability Testing Tool for testing **OMA LWM2M** interoperability between user's IUT and a OMA LWM2M reference implementations hosted at F-Interop platform.









6LoWPAN (user-to-user)

KEREVAL's Open Call project (6LoRiTT)
The 6LoRiTT project by Kereval presents their work on the F-Interop platform.









6LoWPAN (single-user running both devices under test)









F-Interop SPOTS - Implementation of OSCORE profile of ACE framework

Demonstration of an implementation of OSCORE profile of ACE framework.









F-Interop SPOTS - Constrained Join Protocol Test Demonstration

Demonstration of an automated test of the Constrained Join Protocol within the F-Interop platform.









F-Interop SPOTS - OSCORE dissector and test demonstration

Demonstration of a Wireshark OSCORE dissector developed by the F-Interop SPOTS project and an OSCORE test implemented within the F-Interop 6TiSCH testing tool.









F-Interop Privacy Analyzer

By John Georgiadis, Modio Computing P.C.